Monday, December 29, 2014

Homemade, Naturally-Fermented Honey Mead (part 2)

My kitchen smells so good right now!  Every time I stir my melomel (fruit mead), I get a sweet whiff of honey-wine... nothing smells better than fermenting fruit beverages, in my opinion.  I think my body craves them!  By now (day 6), my honey mead has been fermenting for a good two days.  Here are some wonderfully bubbly pictures of this naturally-fermented masterpiece...

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!  During fermentation, whatever fruit you put in your mead (if any) will be floating on top because of the wonderful effervescence.

Here's what my melomel looks like after being stirred up

Not too much longer and I'll be bottling...

Bottling Day!! (day 12) :

I am in heaven.  Right now, I am sipping on my finished fruit mead, and it is good!  This lovely fermented drink reminds me of a sweet fruit wine but with a hint of honey at the end.  The fragrance is very floral, and the color is beautiful- slightly pink from the blackberries.

I encourage everyone to try this project, if you are a wine drinker.  Unlike store-bought fruit wine, this drink is packed with enzymes and probiotics that are good for your tummy and promote good digestion.  It's just an added bonus that fruit mead tastes so darn yummy!  Enjoy!

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