Monday, July 15, 2013

Homemade Deodorant

A few months ago, I wrote a post entitled "5 Steps to a Chemical-Free Morning Routine"... since then, I have run out of homemade deodorant.  So, I thought I'd take this chance to show you all how it's made ;)  This deodorant is so easy to make, there are no excuses NOT to make your own!  While conventional deo is full of nasty chemicals and synthetic perfumes, this homemade version is natural, moisturizing and really keeps the stink away.  It costs very little to make, too!

For each batch (which fills 1 1/3 deodorant stick container), you will need:

3 T coconut oil
2 T shea butter
1 T beeswax
2-4 T baking aluminum-free baking soda
essential oils of choice

Melt oils and beeswax together, on Med-Low heat, in a small pot.  

When oils/wax are melted, add desired amount of baking soda.  Some people are sensitive to baking soda, so you might want to start with a little and add more as you see fit.  Stir until the mixture doesn't separate when left alone for a couple minutes, then add your essential oils.  This time, I used lavender.

When the deodorant is a pudding-like consistency, pour into recycled deo tubes or cosmetic-grade pots.  I made 3 batches today, so I had enough for 4 :)  I located 3 gel deo tubes and reused them. Then, I put the rest in an old lotion pot !

The gel deo tubes have small holes at the top, allowing only a small amount to be dispersed at once.  This type of tube works perfectly with the homemade paste!

There you go!  Homemade deodorant in just a few easy steps :)  Use only a small amount- a little goes a long way.  Enjoy!

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