Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homemade Sinus Infection Remedy

I don't know about you, but cold weather and sinus infections go hand-in-hand in my life!  Every time we turn the heat on (which has been more than usual, even in our semi-tropical climate), I wake up with that tell-tale headache and excess drainage- yuck.  

I usually rely on my netti pot for sinus issues, but this year I stumbled upon a pintrest post for putting a probiotic capsule into the netti pot solution for a powerhouse of a sinus infection remedy.  This works, trust me, but it's not pleasant.  My capsule did not readily dissolve into the water and it made for grainy drainage later on, which was pretty disgusting. Also, the initial treatment did have some pain associated with it... so much that I did another netti cleanse shortly after with nothing but salt water.  But, it worked wonders! Within an hour (or less) I felt normal again. 

Fast forward to my next sinus infection... I was not going to subject myself again to the capsule remedy, so I came up with something just as effective without the gross factor and pain:

I used a saline solution with freshly dripped whey!  No graininess and no discomfort! Really, this way was much better.  Here are the steps I took to perfect my sinus remedy:

1. Warm some filtered water in a sauce pan, just enough to take the chill out- not hot!
2.  Add a pinch of salt and stir.
3.  Fill your netti pot to the desired level, leaving room for 1T whey.
4.  Add freshly dripped whey (from kefir, yogurt or raw milk) and stir again.
5. Administer netti pot according to directions on the box.
6. Relax and let the probiotics do their job!  Repeat after a few hours if your infection is a doozy.

I hope this brings you as much relief as it has brought me!  Enjoy!

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