Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salt Is GOOD For You!

A friend of mine is trying so hard to lose a little weight. She has succeeded in losing 30 lbs already! But, now that most of the weight is off, her blood pressure is high. Her problem reminded me of an article I read about refined salt and its effects on the body. I asked her what kind of salt she used, and sure enough, she showed me a container of processed "sea salt".
Just because it says "sea salt", don't think it's any better than the cheaper "table salt" that is sold on the same shelf! If it is white, chances are it has been stripped of its trace minerals. A simple rule to go by is: Don't buy white salt. The salts I use are pink and grey...

Salt (in moderation) is actually good for you. I am talking about the God-given, natural, mineral-rich salt that comes from our Earth's many salt deposits and oceans. The only thing it has in common with refined, white salt is that it also contains sodium chloride. That is where the similarities end.

In Debbi Pearl's article, Salt is Good , she explains that high blood pressure (as well as other conditions) is brought about by a mineral imbalance. This imbalance is caused by eating refined, mineral-stripped salt and products that contain refined salt. It makes total sense to me! Natural, unrefined salt has minerals that help your body function- without these essential minerals, how can you expect your body to function as it should?

Trace minerals are necessary for your body to function properly. Redmond Real Salt, a pourable, pink salt from an ancient sea bed in Utah claims to have over 50 minerals in addition to sodium. This is the salt I serve to my family in a shaker on the table. It not only seasons their food but gives them many trace minerals without having to swallow a pill.

Celtic Sea Salt is a grey salt made in northern France from sun dried ocean water. It is the chosen salt of gourmet chefs. I have used this salt for cooking in liquid because the crystals can be very large and season best when dissolved. It is not ideal for putting in a salt shaker, and can stick together because of its high moisture content. Celtic salt contains all 82 of the essential trace minerals a body needs to function properly! It replenishes electrolytes to prevent dehydration and can be good for digestion.

I use unrefined salt to keep my body in balance. Try it and you'll see!

For more information on salt, please read this article by Jon Barron, author of Lessons From the Miracle Doctors- A Pillar of Salt

disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I urge you to do your own research on salt before making any dietary changes for yourself or your family.


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